Huron Technologies

About Us

Huron Technologies is a global leader in providing imaging solutions for digital pathology. Since 1994, Huron Technologies has been providing laboratories and pathology departments with advanced microscopy instruments and solutions for the confocal fluorescence and brightfield market.

Based in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Huron Technologies is a privately held company that was founded at the University of Waterloo's Physics department (established in 1994 as Biomedical Photometrics Inc.). Our team has a wealth of expertise and more than 100 years of combined experience in developing imaging instrumentation.

Our products and services are used for research and educational purposes in various environments including pathology, pharmaceutical, and veterinary.

Our flagship product, TISSUEscope™ slide scanner, is a high-resolution, versatile platform capable of imaging specimens up to 8" x 6" (200mm x 150mm) in confocal fluorescence and brightfield.

We also offer custom-designed imaging systems, TISSUEprep™—a whole-mount slide preparation service for large specimens, TISSUEscan™—a slide-scanning service, image visualization and image management.

Whether you need an off-the-shelf solution, a slide-scanning service, slide preparation, or a custom-designed instrument, our expertise is available for your project needs.

History of Huron Technologies (formerly Biomedical Photometrics)


Biomedical Photometrics Inc. (BPI) was founded in 1994 to further develop and commercialize scanning laser imaging technology that was being developed in Dr. Dixon’s Physics research lab at the University of Waterloo.

The Company was founded by Dr. Ted Dixon (VP Science & Technology and Director of Huron Technologies Inc. and Professor Emeritus, University of Waterloo), Dr. Brian Wilson, Head, Division of Biophysics and Imaging, Ontario Cancer Institute, University Health Network, Toronto, and Dr. Melanie Campbell, Professor of Physics, University of Waterloo.

1994-2000: Application specific contracts based on BPI’s patented technology (the MACROscope® technology):

  • Laser scanning test station for detectors (EG&G, Montreal)
  • Genetic microarray readers (Allelix Biopharmaceuticals and Princess Margaret Hospital)
  • Test scanners for Affymetrix-like microarrays (Roche)
  • Venture Capital investment by Canadian Science & Technology Growth Fund (1998)


  • BPI moved from rented space at UW to commercial space at 550 Parkside Drive
  • Three designs of the microarray reader (now called the DNAscope™ scanner) were commercialized and sold mainly to customers in North America and Japan
  • major instruments based on the MACROscope® technology were developed for 3M and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  • Microscope/MACROscope® scanners were developed for Ottawa Hospital and Tokyo Dental College.
  • WELLscope™ scanners for imaging microwell plates were developed for Genetic Diagnostics Inc.
  • An early scanner for imaging tissue on microscope slides was developed for Princess Margaret Hospital.


Under the leadership of Dr. Ted Dixon, Dr. Savvas Damskinos pioneered the development of the TISSUEscope™. The first TISSUEscope™ scanner for brightfield and fluorescence imaging of microscope slides was introduced in 2005.


  • Venture Capital investments were received from GrowthWorks
  • Several commercial versions of the TISSUEscope™ scanner have been developed, and delivered to customers in Canada, USA and Europe. This development has benefitted from collaboration with our best customer, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, who now have purchased four TISSUEscope™ scanners, which image specimens on microscope slides up to 6 x 8 inches in size in both brightfield and fluorescence.

2010: Injection of New Capital

In February 2010 Confocal Inc, a company founded by Dr. Savvas Chamberlain a well know entrepreneur and founder of DALSA Corporation, purchased BPI. Immediately after he asked Mike Panayi to join him in Confocal Inc. Mike is a successful entrepreneur and business man with extensive financial background. They teamed up and infused significant capital into Confocal Inc., they restructured it and changed the name of BPI to Huron Technologies Inc. Huron Technologies Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Confocal Inc. The new capital was used to improve the TISSUEscope™, provide enhanced customer service and focus on the development of new products. The technical team, the customer support and the sales and marketing team was significantly enhanced with an improved operational facility. Savvas Chamberlain and Mike Panayi who jointly control Confocal Inc are fully committed to support and grow the Company internationally. The other shareholders, Dr. Ted Dixon, Dr. Savvas Damskinos, Dr. Reda Fayek, Mr. Audil Virk and other employees, are also fully committed to the growth of the Company.