Huron Technologies

Products Overview

Huron Technologies is a global leader in providing imaging solutions for digital pathology, including whole-slide imaging. Since 1994, our products and services have been used for research and educational purposes in diverse environments, including pathology, pharmaceutical and veterinary.

The following products are readily available for your imaging needs:

TISSUEscope™ Slide Scanner
The TISSUEscope™ slide scanner is a versatile platform that is capable of imaging specimens up to 8" x 6" (200mm x 150mm) in confocal fluorescence and brightfield.
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TISSUEscope™ 4000XT Autoloader
The TISSUEscope™ 4000XT Autoloader System is a fully-integrated system which offers imaging of small and large glass slides for fast and convenient slide handling. Ideal for high-volume and high-throughput scanning environments, the TISSUEscope™ 4000XT provides both brightfield and confocal fluorescent imaging modes and is designed to be compatible with all versions of TISSUEscope™ scanners.
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Custom Imaging Solutions
Our technology team possesses more than 100 years of combined imaging instrumentation experience and has the knowledge to design and build a custom scanner that meets your needs.
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Image Visualization & Management
Review and manage your images using Huron Technologies' viewer and management server.
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