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1) Irinotecan Sucrosofate Liposome Injection, MM-398, Demonstrates Superior Activity and Control of Hypoxia as Measured through Longitudinal Imaging Using [18F]FAZA PET Compared to Free Irinotecan in a Colon Adenocarcinoma Xenograft Model
Stephan G. Klinz, Jinzi Zheng, Raquel De Souza, Michael Dunne, Jason Cain, Nancy Paz, Arnold Sengooba, Ashish Kalra, Jaeyeon Kim, David Jaffray, Jonathan Fitzgerald

2013:AACR-NCI-EORTC International Conference on Molecular Targets and Cancer Therapeutics

2) Hypoxic activation of the PERK/eIF2α arm of the unfolded protein response promotes metastasis through induction of LAMP3
Hilda Mujcic, Anika Nagelkerke, Kasper M.A. Rouschop, Stephen Chung, Naz Chaudary, Paul N. Span, Blaise Clarke, Michael Milosevic, Jenna Sykes, Richard P. Hill, Marianne Koritzinsky, and Bradly G. Wouters

2013:Clinical Cancer Research

3) Quantification of Fibrosis in Infarcted Swine Hearts by ex vivo Late Gadolinium Enhancement and Diffusion-Weighted MRI Methods
Mihaela Pop, Nilesh R Ghugre, Venkat Ramanan, Lily Morikawa, Greg Stanisz, Alexander J Dick and Graham A Wright

2013:Physics in Medicine and Biology

4) 3D Co-registration of MRI and Histology in a Mouse Model of Obesity
E Gibson, LJ Friesen-Waldner, AM Hamilton, EJ Ribot, TP Wade, CN Wiens, K Thind, JK Harris, NM Borradaile, CA McKenzie and AD Ward

2013:ImNO - Pre-Clinical Imaging

5) Development of a Multi-Modality Imaging Pipeline for the Interrogation of Phenotypic Differences in the Tumor Microenvironment of Patient-Derived Colon Cancer Xenografts
Trevor D. McKee, Douglass C. Vines, David E. Green, Trudey Nicklee, Trevor Do, David A. Jaffray and Brad Wouters

2013:ImNO - Adaptive Interventions in Radiation Oncology

6) Quantitative Ultrasound Evaluation of Tumour Cell Death Response in Locally Advanced Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Chemotherapy
Ali Sadeghi-Naini, Naum Papanicolau, Omar Falou, Judit Zubovits, Rebecca Dent, Sunil Verma, Maureen Trudeau, Jean Francois Boileau, Jacqueline Spayne, Sara Iradji, Ervis Sofroni, Justin Lee, Sharon Lemon-Wong, Martin Yaffe, Michael Kolios and Gregory Czarnota

2013:Clinical Cancer Research

7) Evaluation of Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Response in Women with Locally Advanced Breast Cancer Using Ultrasound Elastography
Omar Falou, Ali Sadeghi-Naini, Sameera Prematilake, Ervis Sofroni, Naum Papanicolau, Sara Iradji, Zahra Jahedmotlagh, Sharon Lemon-Wong, Jean-Philippe Pignol, Eileen Rakovitch, Judit Zubovits, Jacqueline Spayne, Rebecca Dent, Maureen Trudeau, Jean Francois Boileau, Frances Wright, Martin Yaffe and Gregory Czarnota

2013:Translational Oncology

8) Sequence Dependence of MEK Inhibitor AZD6244 Combined with Gemcitabine for Treatment of Biliary Cancer
Junyao Xu, Jennifer Knox, Emin Ibrahimov, Eric Chen, Stefano Serra, Ming-Sound Tsao, Pinjiang Cao, Douglass Vines, David Green, Mairead McNamara and David Hedley

2012:Clinical Cancer Research

9) Diffuse Optical Imaging for Monitoring Treatment Response in Breast Cancer Patients
Omar Falou, Ali Sadeghi-Naini, Hany Soliman, Martin J. Yaffe and Gregory J. Czarnota

2012:IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology

10) WFDC1/ps20: A Host Factor that Influences the Neutrophil Response to Murine Hepatitis Virus (MHV) 1 Infection
E. Rogers, B.X. Wang, Z. Cui, D.R. Rowley, S.J. Ressler, A. Vyakarnam, E.N. Fish

2012:Antiviral Research

11) 3D Pathology Volumetric Technique: A Method for Calculating Breast Tumour Volume from Whole-Mount Serial Section Images
G.M. Clarke, M. Murray, C.M.B. Holloway, K. Liu, J.T. Zubovits and M.J. Yaffe

2012:International Journal of Breast Cancer

12) Diffuse Optical Spectroscopy Evaluation of Treatment Response in Women with Locally Advanced Breast Cancer Receiving Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy
O. Falou, H. Soliman, A. Sadeghi-Naini, S. Iradji, S. Lemon-Wong, J. Zubovits, J. Spayne, R. Dent, M. Trudeau, J.F. Boileau, F.C. Wright, M.J. Yaffe and G.J. Czarnota

2012:Translational Oncology

13) Digital Transplantation Pathology: Combining Whole Slide Imaging, Multiplex Staining and Automated Image Analysis
K. Isse, A. Lesniak, K. Grama, B. Roysam, M. I. Minervini and A. J. Demetris

2011:American Journal of Transplantation

14) Increasing specimen coverage using digital whole-mount breast pathology: Implementation, clinical feasibility and application in research
Gina M. Clarkea, Chris Peressotti, Paul Constantinou, Danoush Hosseinzadeh, Anne Martel and Martin J. Yaffe

2011:Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics

15) Biomechanical Property Quantification of Prostate Cancer by Quasi-static MR Elastography at 7 Telsa of Radical Prostatectomy, and Correlation with Whole Mount Histology
D. M. McGrath, W. D. Foltz, N. Samavati, J. Lee, M. A. Jewett, T. H. van der Kwast, C. Ménard and K. K. Brock

2011:The International Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine

16) Megapixel Digital PCR
Kevin A. Heyries, Carolina Tropini, Michael VanInsberghe, Callum Doolin, Oleh I. Petriv, Anupam Singhal, Kaston Leung, Curtis B. Hughesman and Carl L. Hansen.

2011: Nature Methods

17) Evaluation of Microscopic Disease in Oral Tongue Cancer Using Whole-Mount Histopathologic Techniques: Implications for the Management of Head-and-Neck Cancers
Sorcha Campbell, Ian Poon Dan Markel, Kevin Higgins, Dan Enepekides, Simon Rapheal, John Wong, Ghassan Allo, Eric Morgen, Nader Khaoum, Ben Smith, Judith Balogh, Robert MacKenzie, Jean Davidson, Dan Wang and Martin Yaffe.

2011: International Journal of Radiation Oncology*Biology*Physics

18) Hypoxia predicts aggressive growth and spontaneous metastasis formation from orthotopically-grown primary xenografts of human pancreatic cancer
Qing Chang, Igor Jurisica, Tevor Do and David W. Hedley.

2011: Cancer Research

19) Evaluating the Extent of Cell Death in 3D High Frequency Ultrasound by Registration with Whole Mount-tumor Histopathology
R.M. Vlad, M.C. Kolios, J.L. Moseley, G.J. Czarnota and K.K. Brock.

2010: Medical Physics

20) Registration of In Vivo Prostate Magnetic Resonance Images to Digital Histopathology Images
A. D. Ward, C. Crukley, C. McKenzie, J. Montreuil, E. Gibson, J. A. Gomez, M. Moussa, G. Bauman and A. Fenster.

2010: Prostate Cancer Imaging, Computer-Aided Diagnosis, Prognosis and Intervention/ Lecture Notes in Computer Science/ Robarts Research Institute/ University of Western Ontario

21) Technical Note: Fiducial Markers for Correlation of Whole-Specimen Histopathology with MR Imaging at 7 Tesla
Deirdre M. McGrath, Roxana M. Vlad, Warren D. Foltz and Kristy K. Brock.

2010: Medical Physics

22) Activation of Src and Src-associated Signaling Pathways in Relation to Hypoxia in Human Cancer Zenograft Models
Nhu-An Pham, Joao M.M.M. Magalhaes, Trevor Do, Joerg Schwock, Neesha Dhani, Ping-Jiang Cao, Richard P. Hill and David W. Hedley.

2008: International Journal of Cancer

23) Developing a Methodology for Three-Dimensional Correlation of PET-CT images and Whole-Mount Histopathology in Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer
M. Dahele, D. Hwang, C. Peressotti, L. Sun, M. Kusano, S. Okhai, G. Darling, M. Yaffe, C. Caldwell, K. Mah, J. Hornby, L. Ehrlich, S. Raphael, M. Tsao, A. Behzadi, C. Weigensberg and Y.C. Ung.

2008: Current Oncology

24) Effect of Distributional Heterogeneity on the Analysis of Tumor Hypoxia Based Carbonic Anhydrase IX
Vladimir V Iakovlev, Melania Pintilie, Andrew Morrison, Anthony W Fyles, Richard P Hill and David W Hedley.

2007: Laboratory Investigation

25) Imaging and Modulating Antisense Microdistribution in Solid Human Xenograft Tumor Models
Joseph D. Mocanu, Kenneth W. Yip, Julia Skliarenko, Wei Shi, Pierre Busson, Kwok-Wai Lo, Carlo Bastianutto and Fei-Fei Liu.

2007: Clinical Cancer Research

26) Measurements of Aneurysm Morphology Determined by 3-D Micro-Ultrasound Imaging as Potential Quantitative Biomarkers in a Mouse Aneurysm Model
Alyse Goldberg, Pria Pakkiri, Erbin Dai, Alexandra Lucas and Aaron Fenster.

2007: Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology

27) Measurement of Signaling Pathway Activities in Solid Tumor Fine-needle Biopsies by Slide-based Cytometry
Jörg Schwock, James C. Ho. Ed Luther, David W. Hedley and William R.Geddie.

2007: Diagnostic Molecular Pathology

28) Predictive and Pharmacodynamic Biomarker Studies in Tumor and Skin Tissue Samples of Patients With Recurrent or Metastatic Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Head and Neck Treated With Erlotinib
Mark Agulnik, Gilda da Cunha Santos, David Hedley, Trudey Nicklee, Patricia Pintor dos Reis, James Ho, Gregory R. Pond, Heidi Chen, Shuo Chen, Yu Shyr, Eric Winquist, Denis Soulieres, Eric X. Chen, Jeremy A. Squire, Paula Marrano, Suzanne Kamel-Reid, Janet Dancey, Lillian L. Siu and Ming S. Tsao.

2007: Journal of Clinical Oncology

29) Acquiring Multiple Images of Large Tissue Sections in Both Fluorescence and Transmitted Light using the Laser Scanning Confocal TISSUEscope
T. Nicklee and D. Hedley

2006: XXXIII International Congress of the International Society for Analytical Cytology

30) Multiplexed and quantitative study of biomarker expression in tumor specimens using quantum dots
Aileen Wu, Lawrence True and Xiaohu Gao

2006: SPIE - Colloidal Quantum Dots for Biomedical Applications

31) A Phase 2 Clinical and Pharmacodynamic Study of Temsirolimus in Advanced Neuroendocrine Carcinomas
I. Duran, J. Kortmansky, D. Singh, H. Hirte, W. Kocha, G. Goss, L. Le, A. Oza, T. Nicklee, J. Ho, D. Birle, G.R. Pond, D. Arboine, J. Dancey, S. Aviel-Ronen, M-S. Tsao, D. Hedley and L.L. Siu.

2006: British Journal of Cancer

32) A New Wide Field-of-view Confocal Imaging System and its Applications in Drug Discovery and Pathology
Gang Li, Savvas Damaskinos, Arthur E. Dixon and Lucy E. J. Lee.

2005: Optical Methods in Drug Discovery and Development

33) A Phase 2 Trial with Pharmacodynamic Endpoints of the Proteasome Inhibitor Bortezomib in Patients with Metastatic Colorectal Cancer
Helen Mackay, David Hedley, Pierre Major, Carol Townsley, Mary Mackenzie, Mark Vincent, Pam Degendorfer, Ming-Sound Tsao, Trudey Nicklee, Diana Birle, John Wright, Lillian Siu, Malcolm Moore and Amit Oza.

2005: Clinical Cancer Research

34) Hyperspectral Unmixing for Removing Autofluorescence from Paraffin-Embedded, Formalin-fixed Tissue Sections
P. Constantinou, B.C. Wilson, S. Damaskinos.

2005: SPIE Photonic Applications in Biosensing and Imaging

35) A High-resolution MACROscope with Differential Phase Contrast, Transmitted Light, Confocal Fluorescence, and Hyperspectral Capabilities for Large-area Tissue Imaging
P. Constantinou, T. Nicklee, D.W. Hedley, S. Damaskinos, B.C. Wilson.

2005: IEEE Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics