Huron Technologies

Customer Testimonials

Huron Technologies has had the pleasure of working with many different researchers, pathologists and scientists globally. Here are some of their comments:

Sunnybrook Sunnybrook Research Institute
"The unique ability of the TISSUEscope™ to digitize a whole-mount breast tissue slide (5" x 7") with 0.5 micron pixels has enabled us to produce images that would not otherwise have been possible."
—Dr. Martin Yaffe, Senior Scientist

Princess Margaret Princess Margaret Hospital
"The TISSUEscope™ scans a larger piece of tissue faster, and can take pictures producing two images in two different colors at the same time. Furthermore, they come out completely aligned, so they can easily be overlapped to see where the different markers are for that same area. It's a big time-saver."

Robarts Robarts Research Institute
"The TISSUEscope has reduced the time to collect 3-D image planes from large specimens from months to a few days. It has accelerated our research, allowing us to perform projects we could only dream about in the past."
—Dr. Aaron Fenster, Imaging Director