Huron Technologies

TISSUEscan™ Slide-Scanning Service

TISSUEscan™ is the only slide-scanning service capable of imaging slide formats from 3" x 1" (75mm x 25mm) to as large as 8" x 6" (200mm x 150mm) in confocal fluorescence and brightfield. This unique service is ideal for customers that would like to image whole-mount tissue specimens, such as large organs including brain, breast, lung, heart and prostate.

TISSUEscan™ may be used for a variety of slide-scanning projects, including:

  • Digitizing archived glass slides
  • Research and educational purposes
  • Projects with complex or unique requirements (e.g., microwell plates, gels)
  • Service offerings
  • Whole-mount specimens
  • Non-standard slide formats up to 8" x 6" (200mm x 150mm)
  • Confocal fluorescence
  • Brightfield
  • Small and large quantities
  • High throughput, short turnaround time
  • 1X to 40X (0.6 NA)

Applying our expertise and patented technology in whole-slide imaging systems, we will scan your glass slides to assist with your pathology projects. Our objectives are to produce images in a timely manner and to exceed your expectations. Whether you need specimens imaged for a small project or have an archive of slides that need to be digitized, our professional staff will deliver.

For a quotation, please contact our office. We will require the following information:

  • Quantity of glass slides to be imaged
  • Resolution (1X to 40X)
  • Size(s) of glass slide(s)

For large specimen slide preparation, visit TISSUEprep™.