Huron Technologies

TISSUEprep™ Slide Preparation

Do you want to image large specimens? Don't have the equipment or know-how to prepare large specimen sections?

With TISSUEprep™—our large specimen, whole-mount slide preparation service—your imaging projects will no longer be hindered or delayed. Our team has experience preparing tissue samples on glass slides as large as 8" x 6" (200mm x 150mm).

This service is ideal for users who are conducting research and education projects involving whole-mount tissue samples, or sectioning and imaging of entire organs. Examples of the organs that we can section for you include breast, brain, heart, lung, prostate, kidney, liver, lung, and spleen.

For imaging large specimens, visit TISSUEscan™, our slide-scanning service section.

Please contact our office to discuss your project requirements.